In Uncategorized on June 11, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Some have told me that alternative process, or “playing” with different mediums in order to produce an image will never be considered “high-art.”  The difference is that I could give a shit if you think what I make fits any sort of category created by other artists, art enthusiasts, or critics. In the spirit of that I began “playing” with polaroids.  I have vintage polaroid cameras, and more current ones. I enjoy the instant gratification of them, and the lack of ability to control the outcome.  Unlike working with film or digital, I am not trying to create the perfect image, merely one that I find to be messy, and interesting.  I have taken polaroid images of the transient moment between frames in movies.  I find these moments fascinating to look at, sometimes more than the film its self.  The film was projected on a large surface and then photographed.  The Polaroid was then scanned in. Thats it.  I feelthey are special moments with in the film, like an extra prize in a crackerjack box. Or like the other day, when I opened a fruit by the foot and there were two inside. Simple just an awesome experience.


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